Project Brief

LIFE³ Academy( LIFE³) provides a holistic education to students of color, creating the next generation of leaders for the Montgomery, Alabama. LIFE³ prepares students, grades K-12, for a productive & successful future in academia, trades, and/or entrepreneurship through the execution of an innovative & culturally relevant dual curriculum - exposing students to their own efficacy through leadership, integrity. freedom, enlightenment, & empowerment. Due to the merging of both LIFE³ Academy & DAE³ the currently affected aspects of this project include: Branding & Logotype Development, & the overall Web Site Design.

Services Rendered


For the logo design, I created 3 different concepts to coincide with official, scholastic, and athletic documents and materials.

Branding Materials

I was contracted while the school was still in development. So marketing materials that needed to be created were centered around informing and creating a point of communication with potential students and families. The aesthetics for each piece of material reflects the tone of the piece, while maintaining the simple elements presented in the branding guide.

Business Card (Front)
Business Card (Back)

Banner Design

Information Request & Student Registration Forms

Informative One Sheet (Front & Back)

Branding Guide


A simple and stimulating design suited as a digital introduction to LIFE³ Academy and their mission. Still maintaining the brand aesthetic, the website includes the schools mission and values, leadership bio's, and 'Call to Action' buttons for points of contact and contribution.

Main Webpage

Board Member Subpage

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