Project Brief

Smack Lyfe is Media company,based in Washington, DC, that specializes in music and entertainment. The owner Scooby Smack, is also the first artist signed to company. Together we worked on establishing not only the brand identity of Smack Lyfe , but his visual identity as Scooby Smack the artist.

Services Rendered

Logotype Design

For this design it was important to create something that could be easily recognized yet simple. The dog bone theme derived from a character created by the founding artist of Smack Lyfe, his love for dogs. It was only right that the design be in the shape of a "doggy bone treat", with the company name and emblem of the stars and stripes of the District of Columbia flag -- the home city of the company.

Cover Design
Branding Materials

Over the time of my relationship with the company I created a series of 'Smack Lyfe Bone' t shirt designs as well as caricature illustrations for social media marketing. For the "Finally Broken" album we wanted to expose audiences to project before its official release. So, I created a audio visualizer that aesthetically gave a hint to the albums' theme of heart break.

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